After your website is created and fully functional, you may wish to promote it through different search engines to ensure that it reaches as many visitors as possible. Independent research has shown that majority of Internet users reach for Search Engines to find a product or a service on Internet. It is common practice for Internet users not to go through all pages of search results and most of them do not past 3rd page of the search results. Web promotion is now crucial in increasing the visibility and commercial success of your business. Web promotional techniques are almost never implemented by majority of web development companies. If your web site is invisible on search engines you may be losing your visitors and potential buyers. No matter how great the design and functionality of your website is, it has no value if your clients can never find you on Internet.

Most web design and web development in North Cyprus or Slovakia do not provide Web promotion services for your website. Relytech is focused on your business succeeding on the Internet. With Relytech your website will show in top positions in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. As different search engines use different algorithms for ranking the placement of websites, skilful work must be done to optimize your web site for your popular keywords related to your business and accommodate most of the search engines. Relytech builds all our websites to be optimised for search engines, however we can do more with your website, such as create keyword specific pages, optimise your content for a specific key words and phrases, or build link exchange partners. Relytech will guarantee a positive return on investment and will ensure that your clients will know you are listed.

The first step is to analyze and evaluate your business. It is important to state which keywords you want your website to be optimized for, what are your marketing efforts. Relytech will provide you with professional analysis of your site and analysis of the most popular keywords and key phrases used by Internet users related to your business. We learn what your customers want from you and state how people are using Internet to find your service or product. We will determine keywords and key phrases to find your site. Relytech will ensure that your clients find what they are looking for.

Relytech will also provide you with detailed report about what work was done on your website to improve your ranking and your current ranking in search engines.