Search Engine Submission

Website submission is referred to as a process of suggesting a site to search engines or directories. To reach higher link popularity and subsequently a better page rank of your website, submitting to quality search engines and directories is posed a weight-having solution. Not only submissions serve a level of measure, what is more important it generates visitor targeted traffic and is the one of the best ways how to gain valuable inbound links. Increasing link popularity is a long-lasting procedure but worth the time and effort once you record a significant traffic progress.

There are many users who seek websites or specific pieces of information on the internet via search engines and directories. Submitting your website therefore greatly supports the verisimilitude that your site will appear in user’s search results. In accordance with search engine optimization getting your website in the top ranking positions will ensure to build public awareness of your site's existence and lead into increasing traffic of your website’s visitors or potential customers.

Search engines and directories

What makes a primary difference between search engine and directory is the way websites get entered into their index. Search engines visit and monitor your website via programs which follow website link submitted first, and consecutively register details about your site. Few search engines will include your site submission automatically after posting your link. In case of directories you get your website listed in categories a directory provides. There exist general directories or search engines which include categories with general coverage, and specific ones that contain categories to match only specific fields. With a multitude of general web directories to be found on the internet today it is possible to get listed in specific category your website best pertains to. They generally vary in options for website submitting. Some may charge a fee which in fact ensures your link to be added, but many of directories and search engines will index your website for free, however, with guarantee of time unspecified. Both search engines and directories operate due to linking details submitted by webmasters or website users. Final approving or disapproving of your website is tasked and concluded by human editors.

Relytech provides you with everything you need to know prior to submission. We will consult with you and make recommendations. Once you have chosen your course of action we write, edit, and submit your approved information to all of the directories that you authorize and provide you with confirmation of successful submission.