Website Hosting

Relytech s.r.o. in Nitra, Slovakia offers three basic web hosting plans:

As a part of your website development, Relytech will provide you with a web hosting services. Our high-quality server equipment will provide you a with reliable and powerful hosting for your website to your full satisfaction. Our hosting services offer all necessary hosting facilities and our servers can handle simple websites or extensive database-based products.

Relytech offers three types of web hosting plans. All web hosting plans include most important features for your website stability and accessibility. The hosting plans vary in extra parameters and options. For more detailed specification and comparison of Relytech web hosting plans, please see more information and choose a hosting plan satisfying your website needs.

Web hosting provides accessibility of your website or e-shop on the Internet, data security and protection and reliable presentation of your web site to your visitors. Having secure and reliable web hosting is thus very important.

Web Hosting and E-mails

For online marketing success of your website you need a secure and functional website. Hence except for a suitable domain name, you need a reliable web hosting for your website. Web Hosting represents a server disk capacity rental permanently connected to the Internet providing an online presentation of your website.

Relytech Slovakia has been providing web hosting services for a few years. Within our complex web services, besides an attractive and functional web site developed using the latest technologies we will provide you with a suitable and high quality web hosting for your website. Along this Relytech will provide you with email hosting and email maintenance services.

Web Hosting by Relytech

Our Web hosting is operating on quality HP servers with Linux operating system. Web servers are directly connected to the SIX and world with a high quality line. Relytech provides fast web hosting for dynamic websites with PHP script support, unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL database support and e-mail hosting.

E-mail accounts by Relytech, Slovakia have good antispam and antivirus protection protecting your emails from viruses and spam.

The web hosting by Relytech offers hosting management application that enables you edit your own php.ini file with PHP settings of your web site.

Secure Web Hosting

All Relytech web hosting servers have secure configuration and operate non-stop. Web servers have redundant disk arrays providing data security and 24 hour data backup. All services enable encrypted connection and encrypted access to your website, database and email accounts. Relytech guarantees data protection and 27/4 technical support and monitoring of the websites functionality.

Register domain name and get web hosting at Relytech in Slovakia.