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The whole process of website development starts with choosing a suitable domain name for your website and domain registration. The domain name, also known as web address, or network address, is a numerical address understood by computers translated into user-friendly form, easy to remember for humans. It is similar to your postal address which is unique to your home.

On the World Wide Web, each web site has its own unique address e.g., so that Web servers can find it. Domain name thus helps internet users search internet and find information. System that translates numerical address into domain names is called DNS (Domain Name System).

Choose your Domain Name

On the WWW there are several levels of domain that adjacent to each other hierarchically. In case of we have the following levels:

  • .com is 1st level domain, like .eu, .org, .sk etc. 1st level domain is the top level domain called root domain (TLD) including generic top level domain or country code top level domain.
  • relytech is 2nd level domain, usually bear the name of your company (Relytech) or specifies the type of your business (web-development) and business place (Nitra).

When presenting your business on Internet you may want to use a free domain. Most commonly it will be called 3rd level domain in the following format: However, this free service brings along many disadvantages such as complicated domain name difficult to remember or unsolicited advertising on your website.

Most importantly, a firm without a proper domain name loses respect and trust among customers and visitors as it offers low quality presentation of business on internet marketing. Use our Domain Name Registration services and register your own domain name for your business and company. We offer domain registration of most popular 2nd level domains.

Your Domain

When choosing a domain name for your website, you need to consider several factors. Every domain name is unique. This means that there are no two identical domain names on Internet. Therefore, it is important that you choose and register a name for your website before anyone else does. Having a powerful domain name is a crucial factor in your internet success. The name needs to be memorable, reflect your company or business and appeal to your website visitors.

Relytech will not only register your domain name, but also help you choose the right name for your website. Relytech will check for availability for domain name chosen by you and provide you with a few alternatives to choose from. Relytech will help you choose domain name that will reflect your company and at the same time benefit to your website. We will register your domain name and design an eye-catchy website for your business.


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